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San Diego County

Becoming an Electrologist in Greater San Diego, California

With 3.54 million people and 4,526 miles of surface area, San Diego County is larger than Delaware or Rhode Island. What pulls people to this region is its year round warm climate and 70 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline.  It’s an ideal place to begin a career in the beauty profession and with no need for heavy clothing there’s always a lot of skin showing so unwanted hair is a “no-no”.  

The good news is that there aren’t that many licensed Electrologists in San Diego County compared to its population of 3.54 million people. 


You can complete the California 600 hour Electrology curriculum in under 5 months, full time, 12 months part time and when licensed, self-direct your career while living in one of the most amazing regions on the U S mainland. Electrology schools today offer both full time and part time schedules that can stretch out as long as 12 months.  Full time, you can complete this program in under 5 months.

The good news is that today's Electrology theory module can be completed online. That's 45% of the 600 hour curriculum with no commuting to a school, a true benefit for working students, especially those with children. And online, you can self-pace through this module. Clinical instruction for your hands-on module must occur in a schools' student clinic but that's only 328 hours of the total 600 hours. This program is very doable for most people who aspire to work in the hair-removal profession. 

It’s relatively easy to build a practice in San Diego County through social networking and word of mouth and because the demand for all beauty services is one of the highest in the nation.  

People are attracted to this region to live but also visit. They are drawn to Balboa Park, San Diego Old Town, the Gaslamp area and the many well-known beach destinations like Coronado Beach, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. This has been a favorite part of California for generations and much like west L A, the LGBTQ community is well represented in San Diego and vicinity. 

If your plans include growing your practice from a single operator business to a multiple station hair removal center, San Diego County is certainly one part of California where this can happen quickly. Are you interested in learning more? Let us know and we'll put you in contact with an electrology school near you.

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