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Electrolysis hair removal being performed on leg by a woman.

Electrology School

Learn permanent hair remove through electrology. Certain skin completions and hair colors work better with electrolysis than lasers.

Starting a New Career in Electrology

Start a New Career

Electrology is a growing field in hair removal to help people look and feel better about their appearance.

Start your training now to become a licensed electrologist in California.

Become an Electrologist

Start your training now to become a licensed electrologist in California.

Are You Ready to Start a Career in Electrology?

Electrology is a great choice for people who want a self-sustaining career. As an electrologist, you can work independently or with a group. You can set your own rates and your own schedule. The process to get your license can take less than a year. With California’s state requirements, many trainees can receive their license in under in six months.

Can you image having a brand-new career by this time next year? In the field of Electrology it is absolutely possible!

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What Does Your Future Hold

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to re-evaluate their future. The economic shutdown in California left millions of people unemployed and wondering if life would ever return to "normal". Industries that once thrived are now barely hanging on. Our needs as a society have changed greatly.

What makes sense for the future? Many of the people we talk to are looking for a career with stability; one that will always be in demand, or considered essential. Electrology can be one of those careers.

As an Electrologist you can be your own boss. Upon receiving their license, many Electrologists start their own practice. There are countless opportunities in California to make a name for yourself in the Electrology world. With some simple marketing techniques, you can easily begin to build a clientele.

But What Exactly IS Electrology?

Electrology is a service provided by a trained, state licensed Electrologist that permanently removes hair by destroying individual hair follicles utilizing either galvanic current, radio frequency or a combination of both – commonly referred to as the Blend. The method of removing hair from the face or body is called Electrolysis.

A lot of people confuse electrolysis with laser hair removal, but these are two very different processes. For starters, people often think that laser hair removal delivers permanent hair removal results. This is simply not true.


Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. Most lasers are primarily used for cosmetic treatments like skin resurfacing, scar reduction, tattoo removal, etc. Hair removal is the least effective use of lasers.

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Why Become an Electrologist?

Electrology is quickly becoming one of the most popular careers in the beauty industry.

Today, electrology is well known and is a profitable, high demand field in California. Being a licensed electrologist in California can be beneficial since many residents have an appreciation for looks and confidence.

Are you looking for a respected career?

Do you want to help people feel more confident?

Would you like to make your own hours and be your own boss?

If you said yes, a career in Electrology may be for you!

Electrologists can work independently or choose to partner with other businesses like beauty salons, spas, aesthetician's offices and doctors offices. In as little as five months, you can be earning anywhere from $60 to $120 per hour.

No matter which path you take, you can live YOUR dream. Work the days and hours you want, allowing for more time to be with family, friends and enjoying all the amazing things life has to offer.